Experienced resources within proposal development increases your chances of winning.

Proposal development challenges

You are part of a business that either needs unusually large resources temporarily for the submission of a bid or one which does not submit bids very frequently and therefore needs assistance in the preparation of a professional proposal in response to a public tender.

The solution

Shipley offers assistance with your proposal development, the way you want  it. Our consultants have a toolbox comprising processes, methods and templates developed over the course of 40 years of experience with proposal development, which means that we fully equipped to assist you to write a proposal with a high chance of winning.

We can e.g.:

  • act as leaders of your capture team. This can be very important if you have the opportunity to influence a procurement in the period permitted by public procurement regulations
  • lead your bid team, so that you implement a proposal that is based on a process that complies with best practice and results in a proposal with a high chance of winning
  • be responsible for proposal writing and production of the final bid
  • help with the design and implementation of an oral presentation of your proposal towards, for example, the municipality that is behind it the public procurement. You decide whether Shipley is to be visible or invisible, or right in the front line.

We can assist you with the submission of proposals, regardless of whether they are targeted at commercial or public procurements. Our consultants have many years of experience assisting clients in both forms of procurement, including the different variants permitted by procurement regulations, such as project contests and competitive dialogue.

Streamlined proposal development means lower tendering costs and wins more public contracts.

Proposal development challenges

You are part of a business that bids on large complex public procurements or on many smaller ones, but you are unsure if the proposals you are submitting conform to best practice and whether the resources spent on tender submission are used effectively.

The solution

Shipley offers consulting in order to improve your proposals and bid organisation. We can do this in a number of areas, depending on your business's needs and requirements. For example, we can:

  • conduct ongoing evaluations of the quality of your bids and identify where you need to take initiatives in order to achieve improvements
  • educate and train your staff in different tenders roles so that the drawing up of you tenders by your tenders teams is more flexible and effective
  • assist you with the preparing the review in the tender process for specific public procurements
  • support the development of a customised toolbox that will anchor your bidding at organisational level in a scalable process, so you are not dependant upon individual participants' "heroic" efforts up to the deadline
  • document your tender submission process so that you have the opportunity to maintain and disseminate good habits and change bad ones to good ones. See more about this under process consulting.

Get help with the submission of tenders

Would you like to learn more about how Shipley Nordic can help you with the submission of tenders?  If so, please contact us by mail: info@shipleynordic.com or telephone (+45) 45 94 40 40


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