Process support

Process consulting enables your bid organisation to win more bids with lower costs.

Do you want help completing your bid projects?

Market-leading companies use effective Business Development processes, which allows them to capture new customer and market shares in a way that is more profitable than their competitors.

All companies, including yours, can achieve better results by streamlining proposal development processes. If you already have decided that the entire task of submitting proposals will be planned and performed internally, then Shipley Denmark consultants can help you to build an effective bid organisation or optimise work routines more efficiently for an already existing bid organisation.

Based on more than 40 years of experience and expertise exclusively focused on the submission of proposals, Shipley Denmark has put together a proven toolkit that can help you make permanent improvements to the way you work on putting together a proposal and submitting bids.

We emphasise that our advice is to help towards self-help. Therefore the consultancy service provided is a combination of advice, introduction and training in the use of certain methods, just as we during the consultancy process provides your company with specific analysis and planning tools. The aim is to strike a balance between short and long term improvement measures that suit your business priorities.

If you would like to hear more about how you can streamline your company's business development processes, please contact Frederik Lam on +45 4594 4045

Customised support

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Tailored assistance increase your chances of winning the bid game and achieve a high return on investment (ROI) by virtue of Shipley Associates internationally tried and tested methods for improved sales and proposal development processes, which both increases the company's win rate and reduces the total costs of proposal development.

All proposals can be improved

Bid Bench gives you the answer to how your company's proposals can be improved. Read more


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