Capture Planning - development of sales strategy

Capture Planning means the development of a sales strategy used in complex tenders such as EU procurements, where the sales strategy is developed specifically in relation to the contract option in question and where the proposal submission process always ends with a sizeable written bid.

Shipley Denmark has on the above background chosen to continue to use this term, so that these activities are not confused with the company's overall sales strategy, which is typically developed overall for the total potential customer portfolio.

Thus, a capture plan is a sales strategy designed specifically with a view to winning with a proposal targeted at a specific procurement. A capture plan is therefore the first step in the proposal development, leading to the writing of a winning proposal.

Shipley's bidding process has 7 steps

When we described the capture plan above as a first step, this is because the previous steps: segmentation, positioning and qualification, should be seen in Shipley's bidding process as a funnel through which different contract options are filtered. The contract options that come through all 3 stages qualify as such good candidates that they justify the development of a separate sales strategy; a capture plan.

The capture plan includes the following steps:

  • Selection of capture team - the team that will develop the capture plan • Development of relationships with people representing the customer, who can be expected to influence the procurement
  • Information collection, including anticipated formal rules applicable to the procurement.
  • Development of the first draft of a capture plan incl. budget for costs related to development of the proposal• Management review and approval of capture plan • Implementation of the activities described in the capture plan
  • Development of solutions and cost estimates within the possibilities permitted by formal procurement regulations, for example relating to customer contact in public procurement and public contracts
  • Preliminary composition  of bid team and team responsible for delivery
  • Development of executive summary and recommendations for submission of the tender, including whether a bid should be made or not.

Shipley recommends that a capture plan is prepared every time and that thismust be done in good time before tender publication and always sufficiently early that requirements may be influenced within the rules applicable to, for example, EU procurements.

Experience and analysis of the companies that win the largest number of procurements shows that they invest a relatively large proportion of their resources in the early stages of the bidding process. Every bit of expense spent on capture planning is generally money well spent.

Many companies are struggling to get their people in charge of business development to invest the necessary time in this phase. Partly because it is of course is more difficult to analyse the customer's requirements when there is no written specification of requirements and partly because the tasks that need to be handed in the next morning tend to take priority.

It therefore makes sense to use external consultant support for capture planning, as this can provide the focus necessary at this early stage of the tender submission.

Shipley's capture planning support typically involves in:

  • Organisation of workshops where we control the development of the capture plan through a structured process
  • Assistance in drawing up and documenting the capture plan
  • Assistance in the acquisition and analysis of market information, which is often particularly relevant in cases where the offers are for a type of procurement that the company has not previously bid on and where a customer relationship has therefore not been established, for example with the municipality responsible for the procurement
  • Assistance for writing the first draft of the management review .

In each case, we base our capture plan development support on your particular needs. If you would like to find out more, please contact Søren Lam on telephone +45 4594 4043


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