Shipley Nordic is based on a single business foundation, which we have decided to describe using four headings. The customers we exist to serve, our vision, our mission and the business philosophy our company is founded on.

Which clients do we exist to serve?

Regardless of industry, companies that market themselves to other companies or public authorities and where either direct personal sales and/or the submission of customised client-focused proposals are an essential part of the parameter mix. Within this area, we are experts when it comes to helping companies improve each of the Business development phases - positioning, capture planning and submission of proposals. This is our focus. In this field we can, in turn, assist at virtually all organisational levels and regardless of which role is involved in the proposal development. We are also able to help our clients in exactly the way they want, be it training employees, taking over aspects of the task of proposal submission, consulting or providing proposal tools.


To be the preferred partner for companies working in markets where procurements and competitive tenders are a significant component of customers' buying behaviour.


To aid businesses with Business Development, so that revenue and earnings are increased through better positioning, capture planning and proposal submission.

Business philosophy

  • We must be capable of assisting our clients in all aspects of the stages of Business Development Process: positioning, capture planning and submission of bids.
  • We must be capable of assisting our clients, regardless of whether this is in the form of assisting self-help in the form of training, consulting, execution, or providing utilities and methods to improve business processes related to submission of proposals.
  • The solutions we deliver must be scalable.
  • We will do what we can to ensure that our clients are rapidly able to benefit by using our methods and principles.
  • We wish to support the development and implementation of professional Business Development in b2b-markets that are characterised by procurements and competitive tenders, as an independent business discipline.

Win more business


Increase your chances of winning public contracts. Shipley Denmark's tried and tested methodology gives a high ROI (return on investment), due to winning more bids and lower bid development costs.


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