Our consultants contribute to a significant improvement of your win-rate

The Shipley model is comprised of 96 steps, which each are sub-divided into a series of phases. Our win-rate is highest when we are involved in all phases. In such cases we have a win-rate of 82 per cent.

Shipley Nordic focuses on three business areas:

1. We provide consultant support when our clients are writing proposals.

2. We train companies in proposal writing.

3. We provide advice on organization of business development processes.

Senior Business Development Consultant
Employee profile
Senior Business Development Consultant
Consultant with 20+ years of experience with strategy, sales, process design, organisational change management. Creating results by combining a strong analytical and strategic mind with an ability to engage an audience.

Put your proposal on the Bid Bench

Evaluation on more than 30 different criteria gives the possibility to improvements where they matter most. Contact Søren Lam on +45 4594 4043


Tailored training to fit your organization

Companies choose Shipley for onsite, tailored training to brief new employees or build long-term, sustainable capability. Our full range of workshop offerings offers clients flexibility to bring stand-alone workshops to their facility or combine workshops for a tailored learning experience.

All Shipley workshops are exercise-intensive following proven adult learning theory. Participants receive tools and templates that are immediately helpful in proposal development tasks.

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